How to Choose the Right Men’s Dress Shirt

In the world of men’s fashion, a well-fitting, high-quality dress shirt can showcase a man’s taste and style. This article will provide a comprehensive guide on how to choose the right men’s dress shirt, including fabric, style, trends, and suppliers. By understanding these key factors, you will be able to better select a dress shirt that meets your needs.


Cotton: Cotton is a soft, breathable, and absorbent fabric that is suitable for all seasons. High-quality cotton fabrics, such as Supima cotton and Pima cotton, have a better feel and look.

Linen: Linen is a lightweight, breathable, and absorbent fabric that is prone to wrinkling. Linen fabrics that have been treated with special processes, such as Linen Delaine, have a better drape and wrinkle resistance.

Silk: Silk is a soft, smooth, and lustrous fabric that is suitable for formal occasions. However, it requires careful care to avoid rubbing and high temperatures.

Blends: Blended fabrics combine the advantages of multiple fabrics, such as cotton-linen blends and wool-silk blends, for better comfort and wrinkle resistance.


Classic: Classic dress shirts are typically white or dark in color and are paired with a tie and suit jacket for formal occasions.

Patterned: Patterned dress shirts feature prints or embroidery and are suitable for casual and semi-formal occasions.

Sport: Sport dress shirts have a loose fit and comfortable fabric and are suitable for workouts and everyday wear.

Colorblocked: Colorblocked dress shirts feature multiple colors or stripes and are suitable for younger men and fashion-forward individuals.


Comfort over formality: In recent years, American men have placed a greater emphasis on comfort in their clothing, opting for soft, breathable fabrics and relaxed fits.

Minimalism: American men tend to prefer minimalist designs in white or dark colors, with attention to details such as collars, cuffs, and pockets.

Personalization: American men are increasingly demanding personalized clothing, hoping to achieve a look that is both stylish and flattering.


Online: Online suppliers offer convenient shopping experiences, a wide selection of styles, and relatively lower prices. However, it is important to be aware of product quality and customer service. Some popular online suppliers include Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress.

Brick-and-mortar: Brick-and-mortar stores offer the opportunity to try on clothes before buying and to receive professional advice. They also ensure product quality and customer service. However, they can be more expensive and have a smaller selection of styles. Some popular brick-and-mortar stores include Brooks Brothers, J.Crew, and Nordstrom.

Local versus global:

Local: Local suppliers offer faster shipping times and better customer service, and they can provide made-to-measure services. However, they can be more expensive and have a limited selection of styles.

Global: Global suppliers offer a wide selection of styles and lower prices, and they have a strong brand reputation and quality assurance. However, shipping times and customer service may be affected. Some popular global suppliers include Hugo Boss, Zara, and Uniqlo.

Kakaclo’s Advantages

Kakaclo is a professional vertical e-commerce platform with its own factories. It has the advantages of design customization and one-stop dropshipping. The following are the outstanding advantages of Kakaclo in the wholesale of men’s dress shirts:

Own factories: Kakaclo has its own factories, which can quickly respond to market demand and realize flexible production. This gives Kakaclo a significant advantage in product quality and delivery time, providing wholesale merchants with a stable and reliable product supply.

Supports design customization: Kakaclo provides professional design customization services, which can be customized according to customer needs. This allows wholesalers to create unique product styles, meet consumers’ pursuit of personalization, and improve market competitiveness.

One-stop dropshipping: Kakaclo supports one-stop dropshipping service, providing wholesalers with a convenient logistics solution. This advantage can help wholesalers reduce inventory pressure, improve capital turnover efficiency, and thus better focus on business development.