12 Halloween Shirt Ideas To Creep It Real This Fall

Halloween is creeping up on us, so it’s time to get spooky and dress up!
You don’t need an elaborate costume to join in on the fall fun. Simply create a thematic t-shirt for a costume party, going trick-or-treating, or as a fun way to show your passion for Halloween all month long.
Sometimes the right colors and fonts are enough to give you goosebumps, but we’ve got plenty of tricks up our sleeve to help you creep it up this Halloween. We’ve compiled a list of funny, scary, and quirky Halloween shirt ideas to get you started.

Tees inspired by horror movies and books

If you’re a movie and literature buff like me, you might want to get in the Halloween spirit with a t-shirt that pays homage to your favorite horror story or motion picture.
Is Rosemary’s Baby your favorite flick? Think about how you can incorporate exorcism-themed imagery in your designs. Fan of Stephen King? Take inspiration from IT, The Shining, Pet Sematary, Misery, and other classics.
Remember that literary works and movies are protected by copyright laws. If you’re an artist who makes a living with your work, you can imagine how devastating it is to have your artwork stolen and reproduced.
But you can get inspired by your favorite directors and authors without using their intellectual property

Witchcraft and magic

One of the most popular themes for Halloween has always been magic. The season is teeming with magical creatures and spells that create a sense of wonder for children and adults alike. The world of magic provides endless space for imagination.
You might be wondering—isn’t this trend dead and gone already? Short answer—no. With such classics as Hocus Pocus coming back with a sequel this year, witches, potions, and spells will certainly be the center of attention this Halloween.
You can find inspiration for your witchcraft-related t-shirt designs on Etsy, Pinterest, Shopify, and Custom with KakaClo. Add different accessories, like a broom, hat, cauldron, or spooky makeup to complement your shirt, or create a design for bottoms to make a completely magical outfit.

Bats and cats

Just like witches, bats, and cats have always been an essential part of Halloween decorations and designs.
Black cats are often regarded as bad omens or depicted as the magical familiars of witches. Similarly, bats are the animalistic version of vampires—another popular Halloween theme. Bats are night animals, making them the perfect creatures to create a dark atmosphere.
There are plenty of ways to use cats and bats in your Halloween shirt designs—either as design elements, puns, or as the centerpiece of your artwork. To get started, check out the custome page in the KakaClo.

Creepy crawlies

People often dislike all kinds of bugs, insects, and arachnids, making them a great choice for creating unnerving designs. Being small, this creepy crawlies make for an excellent minimalistic embroidery design.
Probably the most popular of them all are spiders, which are used for all kinds of Halloween decorations. Spider webs cover both outfits and homes, and spiders are depicted on clothes, decor, and accessories to add a little extra ick factor.
There are various spider graphics available in KakaClo customization service. Design cute or funny spiders or go for a horrifyingly exaggerated spider design—just pick the ones you like and adjust the size, color, and placement.

Creatures of the night

Vampires, werewolves, and other nightly creatures have always played a starring role in Halloween festivities. Use these toothy monsters as the basis for your Halloween design and make a shirt that will get anyone’s blood pumping.
If you’re not a fan of vamps and wolves, don’t worry—there are plenty of other night creatures that can serve as inspiration for your designs. Chupacabras and banshees, for example, would look horror-ful on tees and tanks.


Ghosts have a special place in many cultures. They can be friends or foes and vary widely from translucent forms of energy to realistic lifelike forms. That means you can let your imagination run wild when designing your ghostly shirts.
To create your Halloween ghost design, you can create ghostly animals, characters, or people. Make them cartoonish and cute or realistic and scary—think Casper the Friendly Ghost compared to the ghost girl in The Ring.
To design yours easily, simply upload your draft to Customization page of KakaClo, and that’s all you need to do to get a simple made.


Skeletons are another popular theme for Halloween shirts. You can either draw lifelike or cartoonish skeletons or create a complete skeleton costume by drawing bones on a shirt and leggings.
You can use the Clipart available in the Design Maker to make your skeleton design. Play around with colors and placements, create patterns, and add a text design to make your shirt stand out.
For skeleton inspiration, explore the imagery of the Day of the Dead—a traditional Mexican holiday observed at the start of November, where families and friends gather to honor the deceased. All kinds of skeleton makeup and masks are a popular part of this event.

Pumpkin tees

What says Halloween is better than pumpkins?
To create your pumpkin-themed t-shirt design, draw artwork with pumpkins and Mr. Pumpkinhead or use pumpkin-related puns and jokes. You can even design an orange shirt with a jack-o’-lantern face and become a pumpkin for a day… or several.


It’s fall y’all! October is the perfect time to wear fall-themed apparel. Since fall is quite neutral compared to other Halloween topics, you can probably keep wearing your fall designs well into November.
Decorate your cozy sweatshirts with colorful fall leaves, fall-related quotes, or a cute harvest-themed design. You can find different fall-related graphics in the Design Maker and tweak them to make your t-shirt.

Halloween shirts for couples

Another fun idea is to create matching Halloween shirts for you and your boo. You can either make two shirts with the same design or have two separate designs with text or conjoined ideas. It can be a great gift for your partner and make for a simple but fun costume for a Halloween party.

Halloween shirts for families

To make costumes for the whole family without a hassle, you can design matching t-shirts with our Design Maker. Pick a theme and comb through the built-in tools of the Design Maker to find scary and cool graphics.
Matching shirts would be great for a group of friends planning to spend Halloween together as well. You can either portray popular characters with your costumes or simply wear shirts with the same sooky designs

Halloween puns

Halloween puns are a fun addition to any Halloween topic. Designed a shirt with a vamp? Find a vampire joke that fits your tee. Want to spruce up your witch design? Add a bewitching pun to top it off. You can find plenty of different listicles with Halloween-themed jokes on the internet.
Remember that you can change the vibe of the design with different fonts and colors. To play up the spine-chilling or sinister elements, use red and black, neon green, orange, and yellow, instead of white, pink, and purple colors. Check out with KakaClo’s support team to see how this can be done.
Designing Halloween shirts is a hassle-free way to create your own costume and try out your most haunting ideas for apparel designs. Pick a theme, decide the vibe you’re going for, and make the design—it’s easy to do with the built-in tools in our Design Maker.
Hope this list of Halloween shirt ideas will help you get started with your own Halloween shirt.
Make KakaClo your new secret weapon in the fashion business!