Introducing The Brand New Usa Local Warehouse: Lightning-Fast 4-Day

Doing logistics the right way can mean faster shipping and deeper customer loyalty. It’s essentially given consumer expectations of receiving goods on time. Sixty-two percent (62%) of online shoppers consider fast shipping speeds to contribute to a positive customer experience.

As the leading B2B marketplace for clothing products, we are excited to announce the upcoming launch of our New USA warehouse, which is strategically located to enable easy access for you across the United States.

The New USA warehouse spanning over 10,000 square feet, it has been designed to handle a high volume of clothing products efficiently and will set to open at the beginning of April 2023.

The New USA warehouse offers a wide range of products to choose from, including more than 100 different styles that are well-stocked, which would be enhancing the shopping experience of your customers.

In addition to the wide selection of clothing styles, we are also offering a special promotion for sellers who wholesale/dropship from the US warehouse during the first month of opening! You will receive a 10% discount on your orders, as a way for us to celebrate the launch and express gratitude to you.

KakaClo cares about customer satisfaction just as you do! Except for varied clothing styles, the New USA warehouse will now allow for faster delivery times, with packages arriving within 4 business days when shipped within the USA!

As part of our continued commitment to providing our sellers with the best possible service and 100% hassle-free, the New USA warehouse shortens delivery times and reduces shipping costs, which is essential for the success of the dropshipping business model.

Sell with us, and make your growth more possible.

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